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Online workshop

Saturday 15th January

13:  45 -- 19: 00


Alexandru Baltag (website)

Alexandru Baltag is one of the leading original thinkers in contemporary logic. Starting as a mathematical prodigy in Romania, he then moved to the United States to do a PhD with Jon Barwise, and his work on the foundations of non-wellfounded modal set theory is still alive in current coalgebra. Alexandru then went on to become one of the towering figures in logical dynamics of information, being the 'B' in the famous BMS framework for dynamic-epistemic update and, with Sonja Smets, he has taken this field to new heights in the study of belief revision and information flow in social networks and games, and of quantum information in physics. . But Alexandru's scope reaches much further, witnessed by his fundamental work on formal epistemology in philosophy, on learning theory, foundations of computer science, etc.  And these are just some of Baltag's themes, which stretch from mathematical logic to philosophical and computational logic.

This is the story of pure intellect. The other side of the coin is the unique and attractive person. We all know Alexandru as a fountain of ideas shared generously with colleagues and students, as an enthusiastic co-author sharing the joys of exploring new territory, and as a dedicated teacher who has shown many students at all levels the path of logic. And we know him as a reliable and warmly engaged personal friend who cares, and to whom many owe much.

This event on the occasion of Alexandru Baltag's 55th birthday is meant to give something back: and show him the intellectual admiration and the personal gratitude that so many of us experience in his company.

The program that follows was extremely easy to organize since all speakers agreed at once to participate, and positive personal messages of appreciation for Alexandru kept flowing in.


So, here's to you; Alexandru@55, and we hope you like this birthday gift!


Johan van Benthem & Soroush Rafee Rad

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